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“...human drama crackles from every page of this irresistible volume.  I found this book compelling.  You will too.

                                  — Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author, TV host, founder of the American Alliance
                                                 of Jews and Christians, and great-nephew of Rabbi Elyah Lopian

“Elliot Resnick has written a wonderful compilation of important interviews with a host of fascinating people from many walks of life.  Suffice it to say, the reader is in for a renaissance-style treat.”   

                                             — Helen Freedman, executive director, Americans for a Safe Israel

“Elliot Resnick's incisive questioning of these fascinating and important people throws a unique light on a plethora of contemporary Jewish and general issues.

             — Lawrence Schiffman, professor of Hebraic and Jewish Studies, New York University


“I felt my husband and son come back to life when I read these divrei Torah.”

                                                                                                                      — Mrs. Libby Kahane

"The insights are clear and succinct, and very relevant for everyday life."

                                                                          — Lenny Goldberg, close student of the Kahanes

Movers and Shakers: Sixty Prominent
Personalities Speak Their Mind on Tape

By Elliot Resnick

“A fascinating, surprising journey through an assortment of interesting Jewish topics from culture to adventure to philosophy to the existential threats we face as a nation. A highly recommended read.”

                                       — Aaron Klein, New York Times bestselling author and WABC radio host

“Elliot Resnick has interviewed many diverse and fascinating people in his journalistic career. He has brought these people to life and attention through these provocative and revealing interviews. This book will inform and even inspire. I recommend it highly to all.”   

                  — Rabbi Berel Wein, popular historian, author, and founder of the Destiny Foundation

These interviews are always informative and and presented in a very pleasant fashion. I enjoyed reading them.

                           — Rabbi Hershel Schachter, rosh yeshiva, Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchanan


        A chassidic rebbe was once asked: “If you could save one thing from your burning home, what would it be?” “The fire” answered the Rebbe, “because it is the 'brenn' [the fire, the passion] which makes life worth living.” Indeed, without an inner fire burning in the soul of man, there is no real life. Life becomes meaningful only when man “burns from within” for his ideals and his determination in life. 
                                                                                                           — Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes Cardozo 
Perfection: The Torah Ideal

By Rav Dov Katz


“Rav Dov Katz is not someone who needs my haskama.  He was one of the gedolei hamussar.” 

                         — Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, rosh yeshiva, Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia

“I remember my father enjoying reading Tenu’as HaMussar when it came out. He encouraged me to read it, told me I would enjoy it, and I did.  It’s a very, very good sefer.”      
                        — Rabbi Hershel Schachter, rosh yeshiva, Yeshivas Rabbeinu Yitzchok Elchanan

“Any student of Lithuanian Jewry, mussar, and the modern yeshiva movement will want to read this book.”                                                    
                                         — Zalman Alpert, periodical and reference librarian, Yeshiva University
Kahane on the Parsha

Movers & Shakers, Vol. 2: Sixty More Interviews on Everything From Judaism and Terrorism to Politics and Science

By Elliot Resnick
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